Flesh Pidio Disculpas x el Concierto UNITY SHOW..!!

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Flesh Pidio Disculpas x el Concierto UNITY SHOW..!!

Mensaje  Makvely el Lun Ago 25, 2008 8:04 pm

Dejo un Email Donde Flesh Bone Personalmente dio las disculpas a los fans que quedaron defraudados el 16 de agosto en el Unity Show por que esperava mas de Bone thugs pero por lo leido era un show para que los vieran y unos cuantos temas nadamas ....

E-Mail Flesh Bone:

To all of our fans who attended the performance on the night of the 16th of August...

In regards to the performance on the night of August 16, 2008 I would like to say that on behalf of myself and the rest of the group we are extending a sincere apology to all of you who felt let down. We want to let you know that we regret your disappointment and we acknowledge that a huge mismanagement of the entire affair led to the mishaps that had occurred. The outcome is a huge let down for us as well. If some of the fans felt disappointed, imagine how we feel. Especially me. This was my first performance after rejoining the group. NEVER would we have the intention for things to turn out the way that they did. I am not at liberty to go into all of the details and specifics about how this happened but I definitely want to let you know that Bone Thugs N Harmony would never allow anything like that to happen on purpose. We have more LOVE for our fans than you could ever imagine.

When we come into an agreement with promoters to put on a show, we trust that they will have the integrity to give our fans the quality that they deserve. Unfortunately however, this was not the outcome of our latest performance and unfortunately we are the ones who take the heat and look bad when something like this happens so from now on, instead of trusting promoters to have the integrity to do what we hired them to do, we are taking extra measures to personally oversee all future events ourselves in the effort of maintaining the highest quality of professional standards. Our fans really are the best and they deserve nothing less. It is our hope that you all come to the understanding that on the night of August 16, 2008 we had absolutely no intentions to let anyone down.



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